Maracay, Venezuela

The city of Maracay,  Girardot Municipality, sate of Aragua, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, population 1,754,256.

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Mobile, Alabama, United States

Metroplitan Statistical Are population 400,000

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The Architecture of Power

The Forbidden City, Beijing, People's Republic of China, occupied by the court from 1420 until the establishment of the Republic of China in 1912.

Versailles Palace, Ile-de -rance, Republic of France, occupied by the court from 1682 until the establishment of the French First Republic by the Revolution of 1789.

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Chongqing, Shichuan, People’s Republic of China

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, and the epicenter of the fast-emerging Chinese West, Chongqing features some of the best and worst of twenty-first century urbanism.

Note the large-scale planning evident in the image taken from over 30,000 feet, the extensive commercial infrastructure, including significant warehousing, and transshipment facilities,  and the numerous blue roofs, common in modern Chinese cities.

Chicago on the Yangtze– Foreign Policy

Photo Tour– FP

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Panajachel, Esquintla, Guatemala

Guatemalan Landuse data:
  • Arable land: 12%
  • Permanent crops: 5%
  • Permanent pastures: 24%
  • Forests and woodland: 54%
  • Other: 5% (1993 est.)

data courtesy of

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Tome-shi, Miyagi, Japan

The Japanese landscape reveals the essential character of the people who created it over the centuries. It is supremely well organized, with each feature laid out to maximize efficiency of use. In the above image, one may observe dense settlement grouped in distinct units interspersed throughout the almost incredibly regular and well formed agricultural space. The overall effect created by this landuse pattern puts one in mind of a circuit board, with its variety of components organized and laid out with deliberate efficiency.

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Yemeni Fog Desert

Ja'an, Abyan Governorate, Republic of Yemen.

Although rain is scarce, the generous fogs that roll in from the Gulf of Aden provide enough moisture to support plant and animal life on the southern coastal margin of the Arabian peninsula. Agriculture and human exploitation threaten this delicate ecosystem. Because arable land in the region is highly valuable, it is intensively cultivated wherever possible, even in the most precarious and ecologically sensitive areas.

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